Scrappy events


An event in a week? Not possible? Don’t fear because Fresh Strawberry is here! Take some deep breaths because us strawbs will calmly take you through step-by-step, by guiding you and making sure you have a handle on everything from start to finish.

The utmost important thing to do first is to speak to your client and find out what it is you’re exactly dealing with, are you handling this event because of financial issues or did their original event planners drop out? By pinpointing the specific reasons why you’ve only been given such little time to execute this event you’ll know which tasks to prioritise.

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. To spread tasks between the team means it will ease the pressure off yourself, which is vital in ensuring no rash decisions are made as you’re up against the clock. Look at your team and analyse who is best at doing what, this will minimise time and maximise your results – winner winner!


For your event to come together, you’ll need to purchase the right components so it’s handy to always have someone available to sign things off that you can pay for straight away. Make sure you negotiate prices too, not only will this give you more leeway for things that are unexpectedly more costly than you originally thought but the client will thank you for saving them some pennies too.

There’s nothing more satisfying that we love here at Fresh Strawberry than completing something for a deadline. Be sure to set these clearly for yourself and for the rest of the team, whether it’s for catering or sending things off to print, it means there is always full co-operation in place which will contribute to the smooth running of your event.

Communicate with your client as they’ve already trusted you to handle everything, and give them reassurance that everything is under control.  We don’t mean bombard them with calls every hour but give them a daily update with a call in the morning outlining the tasks that are set for the day and once in the evening to let them know what you’ve achieved. This will relax them but also give you peace of mind that you’re on on top of it all.


Now all the hard work of organising the event is complete, the finale is to execute the event perfectly. Write out a running order listing what’s meant to happen at a particular time, whose responsibility it is to oversee a particular action and go in detail what’s required of this action.

Naturally as event coordinators we are people pleaser, we want the best for our clients and excel in everything we do. But sometimes if you’re gut is telling you the event is not possible in the time frame you’re given then be bold enough to say “no”, you wouldn’t want to put on an event that is half-heartedly done which could result in bad reputation for you and your business.

But as us Fresh Strawberries would say, always listen, create and deliver.

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