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The services we offer are bespoke and 100% tailored to your needs. 
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Event management

Fresh Strawberry have over 10 years experience in working in events – 8 of them have been committed to handling Google’s in-house B2B events. That’s enough years for us to have perfected the skill of tailor making each event to the needs to each one of our clients. Ultimately, a successful event is a happy client! Our expertise lie in logistics and planning.

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Event staff

Having a great event team is key to our success. Our experienced event staff are on hand to make sure any event day goes smoothly. From welcoming guests, giving out name badges to manning the cloakroom, our staff will have it covered. Confident and efficient they will make sure your guests are well looked after every time. 

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social media

Our newest area of business but also the growing area. We are in love with everything social. With you we will curate ideas, plan and schedule your posts. Whether the campaign we will tailor content to your audience and get to understand your brand so that we are able to in with your brand so speak seamlessly in your company’s voice. 

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In a nut shell

Fresh Strawberry is a creative hub. We provide a variety of services from social media management to brand development and most relevant, events! Here we specialise in logistics, project management, high quality event staff and strategy. We have an outstanding track record of delivering exceptional services that cater for a variety of marketing solutions, hold 10+ years of experience and have been an in house Google vendor for the last 6 years. Combining passion, knowledge and a creative edge to deliver a seamless service. In short We LISTEN. Understanding the unique needs of each of our clients is essential to getting the job done correctly. We CREATE. Bringing ideas to life is where the fun starts. We Deliver. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than delivering a first class project.


Sade Salami

Managing Director

stephanie adeloye

Event Manager

We Listen | We Create | We Deliver